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New Center Opens in Hercules

RES recently opened its newest facility in the quaint town of Hercules near the San Francisco Bay with beautiful views of the city.  The modern 3,000 sq foot facility operates as a vocational training facility, assisting participants in becoming successful employees in their field of choice.  The program houses a fully equipped workshop and computer learning center.  The program’s 12-passenger, clean fuel technology van provides opportunities for participants to access the community for volunteering and transport their self-made products to local farmer’s markets. 

Prior to obtaining employment, participants are provided with sufficient training, focusing on successful interviewing techniques, resume development, appropriate work etiquette, and individual skill development.  Participants are encouraged to identify their challenges in previous work environments, and are provided with services to assist in eliminating any barriers to employment.  A diverse span of programmatic activities taking place within the on-site workshop and education lab, and local community sites include:

Employment Preparation Skills Training:

  • Sustained Employment & Volunteerism
  • Transportation Skill Development
  • Social Skills Training
  • Emotional Self-Regulation

Participants volunteer once a week at Hercules Library and at Sunny Side Organics (a local organic farm in Richmond), and at Hercules Fitness (in exchange, receiving free gym memberships). We utilize the Martinez Farmers Market as a platform for our participants to sell products they have developed in the workshop for a suggested donation price as an entrepreneur type business opportunity.

Employment Skill Building activities include utilization of the on-site workshop to develop knowledge of hand and power tool usage and safety, product development and design, and product assembly. Participants create custom designs for customers, including kitchen cabinets, wooden garbage can covers, and wooden storage components. Ninety percent of our products are made with recycled materials which would have otherwise been thrown away. Some smaller projects on-site include birdhouse construction, pattern and jewelry making as well as looming and ceramic coaster assembly.


Social Skill Building Activities carry an emphasis of how building these skills can be incorporated in future employment. Independent Living Skills training includes activities such as comparative shopping, money management and budgeting as well as transportation planning to assist our participants in building their confidence and self-esteem.  

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